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Northwest A&F University, China:

Northwest A&F University is a key national comprehensive university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. As one of the leading universities in China, NWUAF is supported by Ministry of Education's "Project 985" and “Project 211”. The University is located in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, the birthplace of Chinese Agricultural civilization and today’s the National Agriculture High-tech Industrial Demonstration zone. Current Party Secretary is Li Xingwang, President Prof. Wu Pute. The University originated from National Northwest Junior College of Agriculture and Forestry which was founded in 1934, and other research and educational institutes that were later founded in Yangling. In September 1999, approved by the State Council, seven teaching and scientific research institutions, namely Northwest Agricultural University, Northwest Forestry College, Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Northwest Institute of Water Resources Science, Shaanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Forestry, and Northwest Institute of Botany merged and became today’s Northwest A&F University. The past eighty years since the university’s establishment has witnessed generations of its faculty and students adhering to the educational philosophy of “managing state fundamentals, solving civilian livelihood, and respecting scientific research” and practicing the University motto of “Sincerity, Simplicity, Bravery and Perseverance”. We give prime concern to our nation and people; we inherit Hou Ji’s resolution from the ancient time and practice “Farming Teaching” in modern way; we persist in close integration of production- learning-research, and have made significant contributions to China’s agricultural modernization and scientific research.

NWAFU is the only education institution in China that is completely equipped with disciplines of agriculture, forestry, and water science. Currently there are all together 23 colleges (departments, institutes) and Graduate School, covering disciplines of agriculture, science, engineering, economics, business, liberal arts, law, philosophy, history, medicine, education, arts, etc.. The recruitment of undergraduate students has been initiated in 1934 and post-graduate students in 1941. During the past eight decades, more than 130,000 professional talents have stepped out of campus to work home and abroad, among whom 15 have become academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering; they have made outstanding contributions to Northwest area and whole China in world agriculture modernization and rural economic social development. NWAFU always aims at frontier development of high technology. In accordance with national and regional strategic demands, NWAFU has conducted applied researches in areas of Animal and Plant Breeding, Plant Protection, Agricultural Biology Technology, Agriculture and Irrigation Technology in Dry Areas, and Comprehensive Treatment to Water and Soil Loss in China’s Loess Plateau have developed distinguished features and priorities. NWAFU has acquired more than 5000 accumulated scientific achievements in various areas, among which over 1800 achievements are awarded. Outstanding research accomplishments include “Bima-1”, the most widely planted wheat variety in China, and “Xiaoyan-6”, the leading replacement variety. The university researchers also developed the apple variety “Qinguan”, the most commonly planted apple variety in China. The direct economic benefit of promoting these achievements values over 200 billion RMB.

With “Issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area” as its development theme, NWAFU has always stuck to the practice of close integration of production-learning-research, and has developed from agriculture-oriented to agriculture-oriented-multidisciplinary-coordinated national key university. At present, guided by the new plan and strategy of NWAFU, all faculty and students are working

together and striving to realize the goal of “highlighting close integration of production-learning- research, and constructing the world first-level agricultural university”!

International Bioprocessing Association (IBA):

IBA Forum was formed with the initiative of Prof Ashok Pandey involving Prof CG Dussap and Prof Christian Larroche during July 2004 at the University Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand, France when an international congress (International Congress in Bioprocesses in Food industries, ICBF-2004) was held; Professor Christian Larroche, UPB was its Convener and Professor Ashok Pandey, Head, Biotechnology Division of the Regional Research Laboratory, CSIR, Trivandrum, India, (Chairman, F&H, ISFAE) was Co-Convener. This networking forum resulted from the round table organized during the ICBF-2004. The aim of this organization is to develop an efficient and structured networking in the field of biochemical and food engineering.

It covers the following topics:

  • ● Food and Raw Materials Characterization and Properties: Equilibrium properties: pH, antioxidant, Transport, Rheological, Chemical, Sensory & Nutritional properties, etc...

Biocatalysis and Food Biotechnology: Microbiology of food, GMO foods, Predictive microbiology (risk assessment), Microorganisms detection, Enzyme and biocatalysis improvement, etc...
Bioprocess engineering for Food and Feed Products Development: Rational process development, Reactor design, Downstream processing, Waste and by-products treatment (environmental care), Food preservation (oxidative stability, antimicrobials…), Food packaging, Life-cycle assessment, Sensors, etc.
● Bioprocess engineering for bio-industries: environmental engineering, biofuels, bioremediation, white and green biotechs, etc.

It allows partners to keep in touch to look for the networking for scientific projects, the exchange of students and faculties. This platform is opened to everyone wishing to contribute and participate on the above topics.

Conference Title & Dates: International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Treatments and Managements (3rd SWTM-2023); 28-31 July-2023

This international conference will focus on recent developments in the frontier areas of Solid Waste Management Biotechnology and will bring together scientists, engineers and other experts across the world to deliberate on global developments in the fields of Recycling, Biofuels and Bio- products, Biotechnology for waste conversion, Nanotechnology applications, Novel product developments, Industrial bioengineering, Greenhouse gases generation and mitigation, Biophysical technologies etc. It is planned as a major event to be held at NWAFU, Yangling, China during July 28-31, 2023 with the participation of a large number of active researchers from all over the world. The conference is envisaged to provide a unique platform to the participants from industries and academic institutions to share their thoughts and views to develop possible linkages among them. It will also serve the purpose of global networking among them and help in creating a nucleus of interface research.

Important date

Conference Holding:         28-July-2023 to 31-July-2023

Preferential Registration:  10-February-2023 to 30-April-2023

Standard Registration:      1-May-2023 to 27-July-2023

Abstract Submission:        1-March-2023 to 30-May-2023

Call for Paper

Major Topics of 3rd SWTM-2023 include:

  1.  Bio-electro and bio-magnetic technology for energy and fuels

 Bio-instrumentation in waste management
 Biomass to fuels and chemicals/biochemicals
 Bioprocessing of mining solid waste and resource recovery
 Biotechnology and molecular engineering for solid waste conversion
 Decontamination of emerging/persistent organic pollutants and their fate
 Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigations in solid waste management sectors
 Integrated biorefineries based on solid biowastes
 Municipal solid waste treatment and management
 Nano-technology and its applications in solid waste treatment

Special Issues

1. Bioresource Technology, 中科院一区,TOP期刊,IF=11.889


2. Science of the Total Environment, 中科院一区,TOP期刊, IF=10.753


3. Bioengineered,中科院二区,IF=6.832

4. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 中科院三区,IF= 5.190


Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China










Dr. Mukesh Kumar Awasthi

College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling,
Shaanxi Province 712100, PR China

Cell Phone: 18392197328


Dr. Quan Wang

College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling,
Shaanxi Province 712100, PR China

Cell Phone: 15891723940


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